The story of Vincent Land Candle Co.

It all started when I had my son in 2020.
Becoming a mom sparked something inside me, a fire that couldn’t get put out. I became overtly aware of what I was using in my household from cleaning products, lotions/perfumes and candles we were burning. I wanted nothing but the best and healthiest environment for my son and began searching for cleaner ways of living. During this time I also was searching for ways to become a stay at home mom and no longer work my corporate job.
At first I opened a motherhood inspired shirt shop the Jo & Rae Co. I loved the motherhood community and making shirts was a really fun way to connect and cultivate my creativity.
Later in the year I had started to make beeswax candles to replace ways to make my home fragrant. The process of making candles was so fun to me because l have ALWAYS been a lover of fragrance. In fact I was a Scentsy representative/Bath and Body works candle hoarder for many years prior to my son being born.
Well beeswax turned into soy wax, and using pens to hold my wicks up turned into using actual wick holders. Giving candles out as gifts turned into selling them and well, here we are today. Still testing and adding new things on the regular, managing multiple wholesale accounts and hopefully going into farmers markets this year.
My son Vincent inspired it all! Being able to create non toxic candles has been such a gift to beable to give to others. It has allowed me to continue to be a stay at home mom. 
Thank you for stopping by and for your support!
Micayla | Owner

Pet and kid friendly scents

In 2020, I was inspired to create Vincent Land Candle Co. as part of transitioning to a cleaner lifestyle for myself and my newborn son, Vincent. After researching into the ingredients used in store-bought candles - many that are damaging or toxic - I decided it was time to make something safer while still enjoying beautiful fragrances. So with dedication and care, all products offered by this brand feature only natural elements free from phthalates, carcinogens, mutagens and other toxins – making them not just safe but also suitable for families who have pets without any worries!