Owning a small business is vulnerable | candle maker chronicles

Owning a small business is vulnerable | candle maker chronicles

Owning a small business can be as vulnerable as showing up to a job interview in your most cringey outfit. You've poured heart, soul and all of your last pennies into something that now sits at the mercy of the fickle public. People love to judge, and as a small business owner, you're the easy target. But why on earth would anyone want to take on such a terrifying venture, you may ask? The answer is simple. We're crazy in love with the hustle, the creative process and the community that comes with owning a business.

If you're like me, you've spent years bouncing around from job to job in search of that elusive passion. You may have even tried and failed at previous business ventures. But the moment you start your own small business, something in you clicks. Suddenly, you're filled with a fiery passion that you never knew existed before. It's like you've found the missing puzzle piece that makes everything else fit together. That is how I feel about vincentlandcandleco.com and crafting candles with my two hands.

Maybe it's the sense of control that comes with owning your own business, or the fulfillment of creating something that is entirely your own. Or perhaps, it's the rush of being able to provide a product or service that genuinely helps people. Whatever it is that fuels your fire, it's undeniable that owning a small business is a true labour of love.

However, with great passion comes great vulnerability. When you put everything you have into something, it's natural to want everyone else to see it shine as brightly as you do. But not everyone is going to appreciate or understand what you're doing. For every raving fan, there may be a detractor or naysayer waiting in the wings. And if your business is your baby, it's easy to take these criticisms personally.

The truth is, owning a small business means putting your heart on the line every single day. It means getting up and facing a world full of potential rejection, criticism and ridicule. But it also means building a community, finding your tribe and making genuine connections with like-minded individuals. It means being brave enough to take chances, and vulnerable enough to accept the consequences. It means being truly alive.

So, to all the small business owners out there – keep going. Keep doing what you're doing, even when it seems like the whole world is against you. Keep hustling, keep creating, keep building community. Because in the end, the vulnerability is worth it. And who knows, you might just inspire someone else to take the leap into small business ownership along the way.

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